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Are you looking for the best premium themes for wordpress? If so, then this article will be very useful for you to read.

The wordpress themes discussed here are specifically for tutorial sites, job vacancies, recipes and business and not for online shop sites.

If you are someone who likes simple, minimalist and SEO themes, then you can use the best premium themes for wordpress below.

Best Premium Themes For WordPress

The best theme for wordpress is a theme that we created ourselves and are named WpAmp.

This theme is built with clean, minimalistic code and no javascript except the standard from AMP.

WpAmp is the best wordpress theme we have made, and has been tested on the site majalahtren.com.

During the testing process, we found some really extraordinary things after using this WpAmp theme, namely :

  1. Traffic Increases
  2. Adsense CPC Increase
  3. Core Web Data Turns Blue
  4. Number of Ad Clicks Increased

The advantages of the WpAmp theme

Some of the advantages of the WpAmp theme that other premium WordPress themes may not have.

  1. SEO Friendly
  2. Minimalist
  3. Responsive
  4. Fast Loading
  5. Full AMP (Mobile and Desktop)
  6. Clean code – This theme doesn’t save any code to the database, even updates are done manually

Honestly, we don’t like themes or plugins that save data to the database, because if we delete the theme or plugin, not all of the stored data is deleted from the database, so the database is filled with garbage attributes.

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If there is a new update of this theme, we will only send the updated code and create a guide for the user on how to enter the update code into the theme.

Price of WpAmp Themes

To get this theme, you only need to pay $ 100 via Paypal trending.web.id@gmail.com.

There is no domain restriction for using WpAmp themes, even so, buyers are prohibited from reselling this theme to others.

You can see a demo of the WpAmp theme on the majalahtren.com site or the discusswp.com site.

If you are interested in buying this theme, please contact us via email discusswp.com@gmail.com or via the forum on this site.

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