Troubleshooting Persistent Object Caching Is Not Enabled WordPress

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I think this is the first time you are getting a persistent object caching is not enabled notification on a WordPress site, so you are a little panicky and anxious.

Actually, this notification is not something that will have a bad impact on your wordpress site, but it is only a suggestion from the AMP Offical plugin..

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to activate it, you can ignore the message.

I myself prefer not to activate the cache object, because the AMP itself has been cached by Google.

Persistent Object Caching Is Not Enabled

From the notification message, the problem is clear, namely the AMP Offical plugin advises us to activate the object cache.

How do I activate the object cache?

How to activate the object cache is quite easy, especially now that you are already using a cache plugin, for example litespeed, wp rocket or other cache plugins..

I think all cache plugins already support object cache, it’s just that the default settings for the plugin haven’t been activated, so they need to be adjusted again..

The cache plugin can only be activated if the redis or mamached php extension has been installed on the server.

If you are a hosting user, try asking the hosting support team whether redis or mamached has been activated or not.

However, if you are a VPS user, you can install the redis or mamached extension on the PHP server, then set the plugin cache on the wordpress dashboard..

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Usually in the cache plugin, just select redis or mamached then save it, then the cache object will be activated immediately.

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