How To Install WordPress On Localhost

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How To Install WordPress On Localhost

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In the previous article, we discussed how to install wordpress on Cpanel, and this is a tutorial on how to install wordpress on localhost.

By installing wordpress on localhost, we can try themes and plugins before testing them on sites that are already online.

On localhost we have to install wordpress manually, we can’t use the Softaculous Apps Installer software.

If you have a little knowledge about databases and PHP code, maybe how to install wordpress on localhost looks easy, but if you are still a layman, you need a lot of effort to understand this.

How To Install WordPress On Localhost

Installing wordpress on localhost requires a web server, here we are using Xampp. In the Xampp application package, the Apache web server, PHP and MySQL databases are available, so there is no need to install them one by one.

Install Xampp

The first step is to prepare the web server, apache, mysql and php, which are all included in the Xampp package.

Please download Xampp at the following link:, select the installer according to the computer operating system you are using.

Setelah diunduh, instal seperti biasa.

Download the WordPress File

Because we do all the steps manually, we will need a file from wordpress, download wordpress at the following link:

The downloaded file is in the .zip format, after the download is complete then extract the wordpress files.

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Move the extracted folder to drive C:xampphtdocs, change the folder name according to the name of your site, see in the image below.

Files WordPress

Creating Database

In order for wordpress to work we need to provide it with a database.

Open a browser and access localhost/phpmyadmin/ then create a new database.

Create Database

Create a database with the name discusswp or customize it to your needs.

Start Installing WordPress On Localhost

After all the steps above have been completed, then we will start installing wordpress on localhost.

1. Open localhost/discusswp / in the browser, adjust “discusswp” to the wordpress folder on your computer, it will appear as shown below.

Install WordPress

2. Select Language And Continue

3. Let’s Go!

3. Fill in the Database Name, Username = Root, and Leave the Password Blank – Match the database name to your database

Database Setting

4. Submit

5. Run The Installations

5. Enter the Site Title, Username, Password and Email

Input Site Title And Description Site

6. Install WordPress

When finished, please login and you can try wordpress themes and plugins from localhost.

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