How to Install WordPress on Cpanel Hosting

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How to Install WordPress on Cpanel Hosting

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This tutorial is specially made for beginners who don’t know how to install wordpress on Cpanel hosting.

All hosting services around the world mostly use the Cpanel panel, and this is our reason why we made a wordpress install tutorial on Cpanel.

First you have to choose a hosting with the best service, the goal is that the site is stable and does not often get interruptions, both from within and from outside.

How to Install WordPress on Cpanel Hosting

In this tutorial we use the help of the Softaculous Apps Installer software, the reason is because this software is easy to use and can also create databases automatically, so we don’t need to create databases manually.

Apart from installing wordpress, Softaculous Apps Installer can also be used to install other CMS, such as Jomla, AbanteCart and many other CMS that are already available on Softaculous Apps Installer.

Start Installing WordPress

1. Log in to Cpanel

2. Select All Features

All Faetures

3. Type In Search With Soft Keywords Then Select Softaculous Apps Installer

Search Softaculous Apps Installer

4. Select WordPress

5. Install Now

6. Choose a Domain, Create a Name and Site Description

Select Domain

If there is no domain in the choice of domain that you want to use, it means you need to add a domain in Cpanel.

7. Fill in Username, Password and Email

8. If you want to change the database name and table prefix, select Advanced Options

9. Choose a theme

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10. Install – Wait for the install process to complete

When finished, go to the wordpress admin page, replace with yours.

If you experience problems, please comment on the forum or see the video tutorial on installing wordpress on this Cpanel hosting on the YouTube channel DiscussWp.

In the video tutorial, there is also a way to add a domain in Cpanel, visit, like and subscribe to support us.

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