How To Add Adsense Code To WordPress With Plugins

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How To Add Adsense Code To WordPress With Plugins

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So that adsense ads can appear on blog pages, you must add the Adsense code to the blog theme. How to add adsense code to wordpress can be done manually or using a plugin.

If you add the adsnse code manually into the wordpress theme, then if there is a new theme update, the adsense code will be lost and you have to add it again.

This will add to your work over and over again.

Therefore, we prefer to add the adsense code to wordpress using a plugin.

How to add adsense code to WordPress with the Ad Inserter plugin

First you have to install the ad inserter plugin on the wordpress dashboard.

Plugins Ad Inserter

Then activate the ad inserter plugin.

Adding the Adsense Code for Auto Ads

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Header Menu
  3. Paste Automatic Adsense Code
  4. Activate – Will Turn Green
  5. Save Settings

To be clearer, look at the image below.

Settings Adsense Automatis

If your site supports amp and non amp, also add automatic adsense code in the header and footer for AMP.

Adding Manual Adsense Code

If you only rely on income from automatic adsense, of course the income will not be maximal, therefore, we need to add the adsense code manually and be placed in the positions that get the most clicks.

With the help of the ad inserter plugin, we can add the adsense code in any position, for example in posts, in paragraphs, under posts and in the sidebar.

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  1. Select Ad Slot Number
  2. Select Settings
  3. Adsense
  4. Add Publisher ID and Ad Slot ID
  5. Amp Ad => Above The Fold ( If your site supports AMP )
  6. Generate Code
  7. Adjust Ad Position
  8. Save Settings

To add lots of ad positions for adsense manually, it can be done in the same way, but select ad slot number 2 and so on.

To be clearer, look at the image below.

Add Adsense Code Manually
Save Adsense Code Manually

Of the many plugins for adding adsense code to WordPress, we prefer to use the ad inserter plugin.

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