Best VPS Recommendations For Stable And Faster Sites

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Best VPS Recommendations For Stable And Faster Sites

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Server is an important factor in determining the success of a site, we try to recommend the best VPS for a more stable and faster site.

Talking about wordpress, of course, does not escape from a server, both hosting servers and VPS servers.

Many hosting and VPS server services offer high specifications but after trying, what they promise is not what they provide..

Best VPS Recommendations

Important things that must be considered before buying a VPS are server stability, server speed and the services they provide when the server is having problems..

A fast server will be able to make visitors more comfortable and this is of course good for SEO.

Here are the best VPS providers that we have proven for ourselves.


Upcloud is a VPS service that is currently the most discussed in the blogging world, they claim that Upcloud is the fastest server in Europe.

Apart from a reliable server, the service on upcloud is also very good, the price is very affordable.

VPS Price On Upcloud

VPS prices on Upcloud start at $5, with server specifications 1Gb Ram, 25GB HDD, here is a price picture we took from Upcloud.

VPS Price On Upcloud

Additional $25 Balance For New Users Using Coupon Code

Good news for those of you who just want to join Upcloud, which is an additional balance of $25, if you are a lucky person you will get an additional balance of $30..

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The additional balance will be obtained after you do the first Top Up of $10, so after the Top Up you will get a balance of $35.

All balances can be used to purchase all services provided by Upcloud.

You can use the coupon code 9489J6 and enter it in the Referral Code.

We will always try to collect information about VPS and hosting, we will write all reviews here.

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